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Pyondon, Cubodia's national capital, where the Red Palace, Red Square and the town folks is located.In Pyondon, has lots of street events, for example: Military Parades, Christmas celebrations and New Year celebrations and more.There are shops in Pyondon, however all shops in Pyondon are made from sheds to save money for supplies. Shops in Pyondon are: Gift shop, Food Shop, and more.The Red Palace, the Parliament and the home of the Cubodian Premier and his family. The Red Palace is the most important building in Cubodia.

New ManchesterEdit

New Manchester, named after a British football team, Manchester City. New Manchester is the second biggest town in the Cubodian region.

The Lenin Square, New Manchester's town square is named after Vladimir Lenin, Due as a former location of Leninshire and Porea, In the Lenin Square, a lot of military parades marches up and down the square, in order to impress our tourist.

Denin VillageEdit

Denin, Cubodia's smallest region, Denin is the least known village in Cubodia and populated by farmers. Denin Village also looks eye catching of the countryside.


Map of Pyitby Cost

Pyitby Cost

Pyitby Cost, is not in the Cubodian region but a Cubodian territory due of it's ruled by the Cubodian government. Pyitby Cost is near a British cost, Scarborough. In the summer, the climate in Pyitby Cost can be quite hot. In the winter, the climate in Pyitby Cost can be really windy and freezing cold.

Some micronationalist tourist visit the Pyitby Cost as if they are going on holiday, Pyitby Cost, is the national holiday region.